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How to Create a Brand that Reflects Your Business (and deletes any doubts)

One of your main causes of doubt as an entrepreneur is not knowing if your brand is fully capturing your message. You look at your website, your logo, or the last piece of graphic you put together, and you’re not confident that you’re communicating who you are and what your business is about successfully. You guessed it, it all comes down to branding. But what does it mean?

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How to Create Beautiful Graphics for your Business

Here I’m showing HOW you’re going to approach the most common design free tools FOR your business, and give you tips and tricks to use them effectively. I’ll also give you PRODUCTIVITY suggestions to organise your business’ design set-up so you’re able to cruise every time you need to create One.Freaking.More graphic for your business. Your time is gold, and you want to invest it in doing what you love and growing your business. Let’s do it in a way that your graphics don’t suffer. Deal?

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My Website Looks Ugly: 5 Simple Steps to Make it Beautiful

Your website looks ugly? Stop looking at it with sad eyes or filled with frustration. I know that feeling when something isn’t looking how you had imagined, but not having a clue what the heck it is that’s not working. I’m going to help you see with clarity through your web design and share 5 small steps you can take immediately to make your website shine. Let’s do it!

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