Love Project: Bri King Tutoring

Our little story

Bri King is one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met. We were flatmates in Melbourne and, when I moved back to Australia in late 2016, I was beyond honoured to land the offer to design the logo and the website she needed to take her English tutoring business to the next level. It’s incredibly inspiring to witness how she empowers young students in their academics and in their lives.

Bri had a clear aesthetic preference, but also gave me freedom to interpret her business when creating both her logo and website. She knew she wanted to use coral and turquoise colours, and let me fly with the rest. Strategically, the logo needed to be elegant and approachable, but also denote an educational element - to achieve this I used a watercolour splash paired with a handwritten typeface.

The website was built using Squarespace and customised with the business branding. In addition to the main website, which includes a blog, I also created and set up a parallel site using the platform Teachable to host her online courses, which are available to students all over Victoria, Australia.

Head to Bri King Tutoring’s website to see it live. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Angels is THE web designer that you need. I recognised that I really needed a website for my growing company, but the thought of having to create one myself completely stressed me out. Angels swooped in and saved the day. Not only did she suggest wonderful ideas of the direction of the website, but I felt that it was such a collaborative project- whilst relieving my stress and handling everything, Angels made me feel included in the process. Truly, I couldn’t have asked for a better web designer. And the word ‘thrilled’ does not personify how I feel about the finished product she produced- the website she created has exceeded my wildest dreams. Thank you Angels for helping me achieve my dreams!
— Bri King, founder of Bri King Tutoring


Bri King Tutoring is a rapidly expanding business catering to students studying English. They cater to those who are struggling in English, those who lack the confidence, or those who require extra motivation. Founded by Bri King in 2012, the business originally focused on catering to students privately. They have now expanded to providing tutoring for students, no matter where they live in Victoria.