Love Project: Marbaii Collective

Our little story

Started in early 2017, Marbaii has been my personal project, created after weaving together two of my loves (travel + fashion). One of the greatest things I stole from my experience living in Australia (and especially in Byron Bay) was a profound respect for the environment and a mindful, holistic way of living life. This awakened my passion to all related to ethical fashion, the care for the environment and the love for a connected life.

Because it came from a personal space, I wanted to visually reflect my aesthetic and, at the same time, convey the story of the brand. Marbaii is a label for the nomad souls and has elements of gypsy travel, slow life and conscious style. I used a compass as the icon, paired with a typeface that recalls an old travel journal.

But the brand design not only consists of a logo. I envisioned a certain type of photography that would include images with grain, slightly desaturated but containing a range of colours that go from the green of the palm trees, the blue of the oceans and the eclectic mixture of fruits, markets and peoples.

In alignment with the purpose of the brand, I designed the packaging to be predominantly made of recycled materials. The hang tags were made from certified recycled kraft paper, the brand labels were produced in organic cotton, and the clothes were shipped in recycled paper bags. All these decisions are part of a branding project, and they are all extremely important not only to achieve cohesion, but also to express the soul of your brand with integrity and clarity.

I also designed the website for the project. To start with, I created a landing page that would collect emails before launch date. After looking at different options, I then set up the shop in Shopify and didn’t regret the decision. Their platform is extremely easy to use and their customer service is outstanding. At a later stage, I decided to add a blog as an essential part of the global brand, which changed the name to Marbaii Collective. To give predominance to the blog, I redesigned the site in Wordpress and added the ecommerce functionality by adding Shopify embeds. Despite the fact that I used popular platforms such as Shopify and Wordpress to create my sites, I strongly believe it’s essential to apply your branding throughout and be mindful when deciding the functionalities that will answer to your business needs.

I’d be honoured to have you enter the world of Marbaii Collective.

Marbaii came from a very personal story and one of the things I had more clear from the start was how I wanted it to look. I had so much fun in the process and I discovered that creating brands was what I had passion for.
— Angels Perez, creative director of Marbaii


Marbaii Collective is the ultimate destination for all about gypsy travel, conscious fashion and slow life. A ride through beautiful, original and curated, stories of travel, people and wellbeing. Marbaii’s purpose is to inspire you to embark on the journey you’ve always wanted to do, to discover more about soulful (ethical & artisanal) fashion, to celebrate authenticity and, eventually, become a home for all nomadic spirits.