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The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day



Does this sound familiar?


You KNOW that your business needs a website — that it’s time to STEP UP, start looking professional, and making your grandma extra proud,


You’re busy running your business, working with clients and well, having a LIFE — and launching your website keeps falling last on your to-do list

You’ve watched dozens of tutorials to learn to build your website yourself — but you’re still lost and overwhelmed and have no clue where to start

You’ve decided to hire a web designer and went into complete paralysis when they sent over the quotes — and you STILL had to do most of the work (aka creating the content)



  • You could create a PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING website for half the price of hiring a web designer — plus getting your hands on TIME-SAVING templates to help you create the best content (which, by the way, you would still have to do yourself if you outsourced)

  • You had 100% GUARANTEE that in 5 weeks from now and after a one-day intensive Workshop, your website would be LIVE (and you would have had FUN in the process)

  • You followed a SIMPLE SYSTEM that guaranteed that every minute of your time was invested in building a SUCCESSFUL website

  • You were super CLEAR in knowing what the heck you were doing at every step of creating your website

  • You had access to ALL the tools (and some more) you needed to create your website -- each delivered EXACTLY at the RIGHT time (and removing all the confusion)

How it works


STEP 01.

You enrol in the program. Yey!


step 02.

On day 1, you’ll get online access to Module 1 and a calendar to book your one-on-one session with me.


step 03.

In the next 5 weeks, you’ll work on a new module every week. They include video tutorials, resources, templates and workbooks to help you create your website.


STEP 04.

After completion of the modules, it’s Workshop day — a high intensity experience where I’ll personally guide and assist you through building your website.


STEP 05.

Your website goes LIVE (on that same day!)




Spring 2019



Online + Barcelona


… and you’ll be the first one to know when applications are open (which is suuuuper important as spaces are limited!)



What we’ll cover

Navigate through the modules to discover the journey you’ll take.

Module 01
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Module 01

Setting the vibe + gaining clarity


You think about your website and… you feel completely lost. Overwhelmed. Stressed. And all the yucky feelings. But what about if I promise you that creating the website of your business can be pleasant and fun?

In this introductory module, we’ll smash down the limiting mindsets that make you be stuck with making the website for your business happen, and we’ll ensure you’re 100% CLEAR about what it needs, from sections to functionalities or design elements.

  • Reprogram your mind and set yourself up for success in launching your website

  • Identify the main needs for your website applying the secret tool I use with all my clients

  • Jump on a 30-minute One-on-One Clarity Session with me to clear any doubts or fears, wrapping up with a clear website strategy
Module 02
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Module 02

Mapping the content out

Now that you’ve mastered your website strategy and we answered all the doubts, you’re ready to go! It’s time to give it a structure. Let me ask you this: before you build a house - you need to start with a plan, right? Same goes for a website.

In this module we’re going to draw (yes, get your pencil handy) your website plan so you have a clear idea of where content and functionalities will go. And most importantly? We set your website for success, making sure that it attracts and converts the right clients.

  • Follow my own process to ensure your website ticks off all the boxes

  • Learn the best tactics to keep your clients on your website, and how to drive them to the right places

  • Learn how I set the basic structure of a website and how to apply it to yours (hint: it’s not rocket science)

  • Swipe my time-saving templates to help you structure the most common pages of your website
Module 03
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Module 03

Finding your (beautiful) brand mojo

Having a website with clear structure and user journey is essential, but what makes people really connect with you is ultimately your brand. Your colours, tone, voice. Your vibe.

In this module we’ll bring your website to the human level, guiding you to choose the best words, fonts and colours so your website speaks your brand throughout and, most importantly, it attracts your ideal client.

  • Define your DREAM CLIENT and how to attract him or her with your website, using my simple (and fun) worksheet

  • Learn how to choose the best fonts and colours for YOUR website like a pro

  • Discover what tone of voice best suits your brand and see real examples so you can captivate the perfect audience

  • Learn how to create your logo in 2 basic steps (fantastic for those starting out)

  • Grab my customisable 1-Page Branding template, so you can create your own in a breeze
Module 04
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Module 04

Adding words + images

We’re getting to the nitty gritty of your website. This is the area where I’ve seen most people get stuck and the reason for website projects to be delayed weeks or even months. But this will NOT be you. Because here I’m giving you the actionable steps, tools and resources to help you create killer content and visuals for your website.

  • Discover my own routine to get ‘in the zone’ and create your best content in the least amount of time

  • Get super clear on which specific content you need to produce for your website, so you don’t waste time and energy wandering around

  • Grab my content checklists, so you know what information goes to each section

  • Swipe my list of resources to find (free + stunning) photos for your website

  • Get my cheat sheet to know the image files and formats you need

  • Bonus: Basic SEO to make your copy Google-friendly

  • Bonus: Privacy Texts compliant with the European Law (only for you!)

Module 05
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Module 05

Workshop day!

The. Day. Has. Come. In this full-on in-person Worskhop we’ll pour all the work you’ve done into your website. I’ll introduce you to the online platform and walk you step-by-step through the process of setting-up your pages, creating all the sections, making it look stunning and uploading all your content.

You will step out having LAUNCHED your website. Yes, you heard me. After this magical day, the only thing you’ll have to do is show your website off and celebrate!

  • Get familiar with the website building platform (Squarespace)

  • Learn how to create the pages, add content and style the website

  • Set up your website for launch

  • Get confident in how to update your website in the future

  • Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Get pampered with nourishing, healthy food

Module 06
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Module 06


After our Workshop, a new whole world has opened. Your business baby or your freelancing career has entered into a new, exciting stage. Are. You. Ready? I know you are! Just to make sure you’re not leaving empty-handed, you’ll have access to some special bonuses:

  • Ongoing design + tech support via our Private Facebook Group

  • Video tutorials on how to run an ecommerce store, write blog articles, an online booking system and how to understand your website analytics

  • Customisable social media templates to promote your business website launch

  • Inspirational downloadables for your Desktop and iPhone to remind you how awesome and unique you are

 What’s included

The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day


5 weeks of actionable, step-by-step modules to get it all ready for the launch of your website.

The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Live Workshop

Intensive one-day workshop where I’ll help and cheer you building your website (and where you’ll meet like-minded souls).

The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

One-on-One Session

30-minute online clarity call with me to help you get super clear on your website needs and strategy.

The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Exclusive Resources

Access to video tutorials, workbooks, resources and templates that will equip you with EVERYTHING you need to ease your way to your website launch.

The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Guaranteed Launch

100% guarantee that you’ll step out from the program having launched a successful website for your business.

The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Ongoing Support

Unlimited access to design + technical support via our Private Facebook Group, where you’ll also connect with your new tribe.



The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day


Spring 2019


Online + Barcelona



or 2 PAYMENTS OF 390€




What clients + collaborators say about working with me and my work 

The Website Experience - Testimonial

“I knew from the get go with her organization, step-by-step process and thoroughness of questions that I was in good hands to say the least. I couldn’t be more grateful for how helpful she was, when I had a mental roadblock on writing content, she helped fill in the gaps, when I had questions outside our scope of contract, she passed sources and information to help me learn and went above beyond in all she did. My favorite part is that she was as enthusiastic and excited for my website as I was - true heart, soul and love.”

— Amanda Mason, Nutrition + Fitness Coach


“I recently had the pleasure of co-working with Angels’. The entire experience from start to finish was nothing less than enjoyable and professional. Angels provided clear instructions from the get go. I found it incredibly easy to work with her and was provided support and feedback when needed. Her knowledge and confidence within herself and her work clearly shows.”

— Gemma Ernst, Marketing Director at Institute of Code

The Website Experience - Testimonial


  • You own a small business, are a new freelancer or a solopreneur, and need a website that showcases you, your products and/or services; and you need it NOW

  • You want to DIY your website — but still make 100% sure it works seamlessly, it WOWs the right people and you feel confident in updating it in the future

  • You don’t have a budget to hire a web designer — but still want a website that looks super professional

  • You want someone to tell you what to do at every single step — so you can skip overwhelm and make sure you’re not wasting your (precious) time

  • You like having access to a professional web designer because you have no clue where to start — and could also do with ongoing website support for your future peace of mind


The program will not

  • Create the website for you — you’ll be mentored step by step and have access to time-saving resources, but you still need to do the work

  • Teach you how to create ANY website — you will be creating the REAL website for your business, and LAUNCH it then and there

  • Give you business advice or tackle things related to social media strategy or running an online store — even though you’ll gain clarity and with your website you’ll set up the basis of your online presence, the program focuses solely on creating and launching your website


You’ll finish The Website Experience with…

Your website LIVE!




  • A website that truly reflects your business (and is super pretty)

  • An online door that attracts your ideal clients and converts them into customers

  • The confidence + skills to maintain your website and add more sections and functionalities in the future

  • The ongoing support system to help you get unstuck if future technical or design roadblocks appear
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day
The Website Experience - The step-by-step program to plan, create and launch the perfect website for your business in only one day

Who I am

I’m Angels — Your Website Coach

What lights my soul is educating and inspiring entrepreneurs to find the clarity they need in their businesses so they can create the LIFE they want — one that is authentic, supports them in a holistic way and adds a little bit of beauty to their day-to-day.

While running my brand strategy and web design business, I’ve seen my clients get overwhelmed in the process of creating their websites, not knowing how to articulate what they need, and having no clue how to put the content together. I’ve also seen business owners ending up not building their websites because they still don’t earn enough money to hire a designer (and don’t have the time or skills to do it them themselves). Or worse, entrepreneurs using templates or building platforms that don’t work for their businesses.

And I kept asking myself: How can I help them? How can I make sure that more and more business owners don’t get stuck at the opportunity to get out there — and do it with clarity, confidence and a frickin amazing style?

Combining my experience in marketing and teaching, an eye for design and a full commitment to help people like YOU focus on doing what you love, I created The Website Experience to make your life easy and empower you with the absolute confidence to build the perfect website for YOUR business and get it Live in ONE DAY.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


How much is the Experience? Do you have payment plans?

The full program costs 765€, and you have the option to pay fully upfront, or in two payments of 390€. In both cases, the full amount will need to be paid before the start of the program.

What’s included in the experience?

The program includes a 5-week online course (with ALL the steps, shortcuts and resources you need to prepare your website), a 30-minute one-on-one clarity session with me, a one-day intensive workshop in Barcelona to get your website Live and ongoing tech + design support via our private facebook group after the launch.

How’s the program and the content delivered?

The first 5 weeks of the program are delivered 100% online via video tutorials, workbooks, templates, etc. On the second week, we’ll jump on a one-on-one call. We’ll finally meet in-person over a high intensity one-day workshop where we’ll work through the final steps to get your (fabulous) website Live.

What’s NOT included in the course?

Your domain name (for example, and Squarespace fees (our website building platform) are NOT included.

  • Domains are usually around 10€/year.
  • Squarespace fees start at 11€/month. Have a look at Squarespace’s different pricing options here. After our clarity call I’ll recommend which one of these options will best suit your business type. You do NOT need to pay for hosting as it’s included within Squarespace (yey!).

What website building platform will we use (Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.)?

We’ll build our websites on Squarespace -- it’s user-friendly (even for the non-techie ones), orientated to great design and scalable as your business grows.

How long is the course?

From the start of Module 1 until we meet on Workshop day, the course runs for a total of 5 weeks. Can you believe that within 5 weeks you’ll go from having no idea how to tackle your website to having it go Live?

What should I expect during Workshop day?

Ok, imagine this: You, few other like-minded entrepreneurs and myself are going to meet at the Workshop venue at 9am, and we’ll be wrapping up at 7pm with your website Live. I’ll be working with you through all the final steps of launching it, making sure you’re not overwhelmed by the website platform, that your design is on point and that you leave 100% confident on how to update your site in the future. Coffee, tea, snacks and (healthy) lunch will be provided. It will be intense, and fun. And, did I already mention you’ll leave with your website LIVE?

What if I run an ecommerce business and I need an online store?

You’ll be able to set up an ecommerce store with Squarespace, our building platform. On the day of the Workshop, you may set up your online shop and to further learn how to run the back-end of the store, you’ll have access to a video tutorial where I’ll show you how to run your ecommerce on Squarespace.

What if I want to include a blog to my website?

Setting up a blog is an amazing option to bring traffic to your website. During the Workshop, I’ll show you how to create a blog section on your website. You’ll also have access to a bonus video tutorial where I’ll show the nitty gritty of writing articles for your website.

OMG, this sounds like made for me! How do I sign in?

Click on ‘Enroll Now’, select your dates, choose your preferred payment plan, and you’re all set!

I’m really interested in joining the program, but the dates don’t work for me…

The program will run more than once throughout the year, but if any of our dates don’t suit you, shoot me an email [LINK] suggesting your preferred dates and I’ll let you know when new ones open up. Also, if you’re a group of 4 people interested in doing the course together, contact me and we’ll make it happen.

Really, how much time do I need to commit to the program? I don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze it into my (tight) schedule.

The online course (that will walk you through the steps to prepare the materials for your launch) has to be completed WITHIN 5 weeks, so you’re ready for Workshop day. During these 5 weeks, you’ll need to set aside 3-5 hours a week to progress through the content. Manageable, right? One of my main goals is to make your life easy, so I’ve designed the pre-workshop course to give you a CLEAR process and the RIGHT tools that will help you prepare your website with FOCUS and FLOW.

That being said, your COMMITMENT is ESSENTIAL to completing the program and launching your website successfully. If you’re over the top with work right now, this hands-on program is not for you.

What if I haven’t completed the program homework and my content is not ready for Workshop day?

As my COMMITMENT to YOU is that you finish the program with your website LIVE, if your content is NOT ready on Workshop day you’ll have to wait until the next available spot to complete it in another Workshop date. If that happens and you’re not able to participate in the Workshop you initially booked, there will also be a 100 € relocation fee. Take into consideration that it may take months until the next spot is available, so I really recommend that you take the opportunity NOW.

When will I launch my website?

Well, if it wasn’t clear enough, the KEY INGREDIENT of this program is that you’ll leave Workshop day having LAUNCHED your website. Yes, your website will be Live on that day!

Will you create the website for me?

No, the program is designed so you can create your own website (which is quite empowering, isn’t it?). I will accompany you through all the steps to make it happen: from getting clarity, to conception, creating the content, putting together images and, finally, building your site. And, well, I will also do a round to make sure it looks stunning. You’ll be the one making the magic, and I’ll be there to mentor, guide, assist and cheer you. If you want someone else to create your website, I also provide web design + development services, which you can find more about here (LINK).

If it’s me who’s creating the website, why should I sign for this program? There’s heaps of tutorials out there showing me how to build my own website...

This is the FULL website roadmap, from start to finish, the step-by-step process of creating your website (yes, including copy-and-paste templates that I created only for you). What a lot of people don’t realise when they decide to build their websites is that it’s not just jumping on a website building platform and learning how to operate it. There’s A LOT more to it: deciding the sections, organise the information, putting together the material and, well, answering the very essential question of what they need the website for. This program is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to launch and operate your website successfully: and that means creating the perfect website for YOUR business, one that converts customers and is absolutely beautiful.

Why shouldn’t I hire a web designer?

Whoa, I never said that! I’m pro supporting each others’ trades. Here’s a couple of reasons why this program might be the right idea for you:

  • It’s cheaper than hiring a web designer, which usually costs no less than 1.500€. If you’re still not bringing enough cash to outsource, but still want to launch a professional website, this program is your new friend.
  • By hiring a web designer you still need to provide him or her with your style guide and all the content for your website (that is, text + photos). With little or no guidance, you’ll be left on your own to put all this material together. And I tell you, it can be a daunting task. The program will walk you through these stages and equip you with ALL you need to make it happen.

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the limited numbers allocated to each workshop (we try to give you as much attention as possible), the course is non-refundable if cancelled within 2 months prior to commencement. If you have any other questions or you’re still not sure if the program is the right fit for you, send me an email at before enrolling. Let’s chat!

What if I already have a website or started one?

This course is for those who still have NOT launched their websites, as we’ll be creating brand new ones. If you’ve already published your website, one that is not 100% completed or you’re not fully happy with, and you still want to join the program, I’ll invite you to start fresh with a new one. You’ll most surely get a lot of value from setting your new website off great grounds, making sure it speaks your brand and converts your audience.

Tech is not my thing

No problem, this program is aimed at people from ALL technical skill levels. I’ll be (literally) beside you when you build your website, and you’ll leave the Workshop knowing how to update the website yourself.

I don’t have (good) photographs for my website

Visuals, specially photographs, are an essential part of a website. They are the quickest way of communicating who you are. If you’re a freelancer offering services, I suggest you get some headshots done before the Workshop, as people want to do business with PEOPLE. In module 4 of the Workshop, you’ll discover the best (free) stock photography sites where I’m 99% sure you’ll find the right images for your website.

What sections or pages will my website have?

The ones YOUR website needs. However, for time restraints, I’m only guaranteeing that we’ll build websites up to 5 pages (which is the average number of pages). For example, these may include: Homepage, About, Services, Contact and Blog pages. Or: Homepage, Our Story, Shop and Contact. However, once you’ve learnt how to create the basic pages, it will take you little to no time to create new ones in the future.

I’ve started my business but I don’t have a logo. Can I still create my website?

I’m a firm believer that branding is essential for a business to set off from good grounds. However, it’s also really important when you’re starting a business to GET OUT THERE, to not be paralysed by the idea that you’re not ready (or that you don’t have a logo). The easiest, quickest way to getting out there is having a website. That’s why during on Module 3 of the program I’ll teach you how to choose the best fonts and colours for your website and give you my 2-step process to creating your logo. No more excuses! If you still want to get professional branding, I also offer this services for one-on-on clients. You can find more information here.

What do I need to bring on the workshop day?

Your homework (that is, the 5-week pre-workshop material completed), your laptop and… well, yourself. Are you ready to have fun?!



Are you in? 

The Website Experience is a one-of-a-kind opportunity and due to its exclusive and intimate nature has only limited spaces.

If you’re ready to make 2019 the best year for your business, hurry up and JOIN THE WAITLIST to be the first one to know when registration opens.


5-week step-by-step Program

Exclusive video trainings, resources and workbooks

Done-for-you Templates and Swipe files

One-on-One Clarity Call

Live full-day Workshop (All included)

Bonus Resources (lifetime access)

Ongoing tech support via Private Facebook Group

+ 100% guarantee of launching your website in 1 day



Spring 2019


Online + Barcelona


1 payment of

765 €

2 payments of

390 €






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